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Got Allergies? Air conditioning components clogged with bio-growth? Algae growth inside of air conditioning system? Musty-moldy smells?

We’ve got you covered! HVAC ultraviolet lights are effective for killing mold, bacteria, germs and odors. They reduce colds and flus – germs are not re-circulated by HVAC system. Having an ultraviolet light system helps prevent clogging in condensate drain lines by preventing algae growth and helps maintain a cleaner coil which will mean reduced electricity costs and improved cooling efficiency. The ultraviolet light(s) are installed in the air handler cabinet usually in-between the inside or in the front of the evaporator coil and/or in front of the blower wheel.

Some of the common brands we install are Ultravation and Sanuvox. After installation, we recommend ultraviolet lights be replaced once a year for optimum performance. Call us today with any questions and one of our experienced technicians will help guide you to select the right ultraviolet light system to meet your needs.

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Air Purifiers

Why in duct air purifier? Say goodbye to bad odors! Reduce common allergy triggers from pollen, dander, and dust. Air purifiers clean indoor air. The UV light can help eliminate many types of fungi, bacteria, germs, viruses and pathogens.

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Common brands we install:

Sanuvox R+ / SR+ induct UV air treatment which is installed in the return or supply plenum with the ability to treat homes up to 4,000 sq. ft. or 2,000 sq. ft. respectively. Carries a 3 year replacement warranty from the manufacturer.

“The award winning >REME HALO® induct air purifier is the next generation of indoor air quality (IAQ) technology and capable of purifying every cubic inch of air that your central air conditioning system reaches”. Carries 5 year ballast / 2 years cell (U.S. only) warranty from the manufacturer.

Air Cleaners & Filtration Systems

Indoor air quality (IAQ) refers to the condition of the air in your home. Your IAQ is composed of temperature, humidity, air purity, and air freshness. Filtration is the first step for great IAQ.

Aprilaire air filters are designed for high performance and have the ability to trap unwanted contaminants. They have a high efficiency MERV rating and need to only be changed once per year on average.

CleanEffects removes particles as small as .1 microns – 1/1,000th the diameter of a human hair – a size that eludes most air cleaners. Benefits include its low operating costs, with no replacement filters to buy. CleanEffects are Easy-to-clean filters. Just vacuum or rinse once every 3 to 9 months (depending on usage).

Respicaire has a slim one inch design that fits any common one inch filter rack, slot, or return grill. This patented process places a powerful electrical charge on the unique media pads inside each air cleaner. The media pads are 100% pure hypoallergenic and certified to maintain the air cleaner efficiency and performance. The internal media pads should be changed quarterly. The Respicaire is Energy Efficient costing less than $5.00 in energy costs per year to operate.

The goal is to clean the air before it circulates. We will guide you towards selecting the best air cleaner or filtration system to meet your home or business needs.

Air Cleaners & Filtration Systems

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