4 Reasons to Sign Up for a Preventive Maintenance Program

Any major appliance in your home requires routine cleanings and inspections to work effectively/. That includes your air conditioner. But perhaps life gets in the way and you forget to schedule a tune-up in the spring before the cooling season. One way to ensure your air conditioner gets maintained is to sign up for a preventive maintenance program. Here are four other reasons homeowners in Bonita Springs, Florida, should sign up:

Maximize Your Energy Dollar

The key to maximizing every energy dollar you spend to cool your home is to ensure your air conditioner operates at peak efficiency. During a maintenance visit, your service technician will perform a long list of checks, which includes:

    Calibrating the thermostat

    Inspecting refrigerant levels

    Flushing the condensate drain pipe

Prevent Costly Breakdowns

When you sign up for a preventive maintenance program, a service technician will visit your home twice per year. These visits are important because they give the service technician a chance to check if there are any minor issues that could develop into major problems. If there are, the service technician will be able to repair them on the spot.

Extend System Lifespan

Your air conditioner will work better and for longer when it operates at peak efficiency and experiences fewer breakdowns. Considering the cost of a premature replacement, which usually numbers in the thousands, it makes financial sense to invest in a preventive maintenance program. An investment today can prevent a heartache tomorrow.

Receive a Service Discount

If your service technician has determined that your AC system requires a repair, you’ll receive a 15-percent discount on parts and labor. That discount only applies to customers who have signed up for Key to Cool’s preventive maintenance program, though.

Give your air conditioner the attention it deserves. If you want to sign up for a preventive maintenance program, contact the comfort specialists at Key to Cool by calling (239) 309-2991.

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