5 Alarming Air Conditioner Noises That Need Professional Attention

The air conditioner in your Naples, FL, is among your most essential appliances. It helps you beat the heat and humidity that plague the area for most months of the year. To ensure your AC system operates at peak efficiency, you must schedule repairs as soon as you suspect a problem. One way of staying aware is by listening to how your air conditioner is running. Read on to learn five alarming air conditioner noises that need professional attention right away.


Do you hear rattling coming from the outdoor unit known as the compressor? If so, it’s starting to fail or there are parts inside it that have loosened. In either case, you should turn the AC system off and schedule a repair.


If you hear your air conditioner producing a grinding noise, it’s likely because there’s a worn-out bearing causing the fan motor to malfunction. Don’t attempt DIY air conditioner repairs; contact an AC repair professional right away.


Belt or motor issues are often the cause of squealing or screeching noises in your air conditioner. In most cases, lubrication with an approved oil will fix the problem. Schedule an AC repair to remedy this issue quickly.


Your air conditioner can’t cool your house without refrigerant. If your AC system is leaking refrigerant, you might notice it whistling. You also could have a hole in your ducts. Refrigerant is a hazardous material that homeowners shouldn’t handle themselves. Therefore, you should schedule an air conditioner repair right away.


A buzzing noise often indicates an underlying electrical issue in your air conditioner. A low humming is normal, but if you hear any loud buzzing noises, the contractors or relays could be failing.

Don’t ignore air conditioner noises and hope they going away on their own. Contact Key to Cool for fast and friendly AC repair service in Naples, FL.

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