You Can’t Ignore These 4 Heat Pump Noises

Heat pumps typically make some slight sounds as they’re heating or cooling your home. You shouldn’t hear your system make loud and abrupt noises, though. If your heat pump is making any of these four noises, it’s time to schedule a professional repair service in Marco Island, FL:


Slight swooshing, buzzing and humming are all typical heat pump sounds. However, thumping often indicates that the compressor’s fan blades are hitting something. They may be colliding with a wire, twig or chunk of ice.

Hard objects can throw the fan blade off balance. Persistent obstacles could also damage the fan motor. Protect your heat pump by turning it off immediately and scheduling heating repairs as soon as possible.


Your heat pump uses refrigerant to transfer heat into the home. Over time, your system can run out of refrigerant, which causes a gurgling sound. It’s also possible your system is leaking refrigerant into the environment. Never attempt to repair or recharge the refrigerant yourself. It’s a dangerous substance that requires professional attention.

Metallic Screeching

A metallic screeching or clanking noise often means metal is hitting metal somewhere in your system. The fan blades may be hitting loose bolts or components. Prevent further damage to your heat pump by scheduling heating repairs.

Louder Functioning Noises

While your heat pump should be making some noise when on, it shouldn’t be distracting to those inside the home. Louder noises are often caused by the system going into defrost mode or the compressor running at a higher setting. If your system suddenly becomes noisy or disruptive, it likely needs maintenance or repairs.

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