3 Causes of a Heat Pump Heating in Cooling Mode

Heat pumps in Marco Island, FL, may switch into heating or cooling mode in certain conditions. For example, when it’s too warm inside your home, the heat pump in cooling mode absorbs the indoor heat and releases it outside. Here are the three main reasons a heat pump might switch between these two modes.

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant circulates through the heat pump’s coils and lines and is necessary for operation. Low refrigerant levels cause the system to struggle. Eventually, it’ll cause it to switch between cooling and heating modes as it tries to maintain a consistent temperature.

Refrigerant may be low due to leaks in the system, lack of maintenance or improper installation. If the refrigerant level is low, it can cause the system to switch between heating and cooling modes. The only way to fix this problem is to get an HVAC service technician to inspect your system and add more refrigerant if needed.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat is the brain of your HVAC system. It senses the temperature in your home and changes in outside temperatures to adjust the amount of heat or cold produced by the heat pump. If something is off with your thermostat, it may cause the heat pump to switch between heating and cooling modes, especially if it’s trying to keep a consistent temperature.

Clogged Air Filter

The air filter in your heat pump helps to remove dust, dirt and other impurities from the air that passes through it. The filter clogs or accumulates dirt over time, restricting airflow and forcing the system to switch between heating and cooling. Clean or replace the clogged air filter immediately to improve your indoor air quality.

If your heat pump is switching between heating and cooling modes, it could be due to any of the issues above. If you’re having trouble troubleshooting your system or need HVAC maintenance, contact Key to Cool. We have the expertise to keep your heat pump functioning efficiently all year.

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