3 Common Hindrances to Proper Home Airflow in Estero, FL

Most Estero, FL, homeowners often associate the comfort of their houses with the amount of airflow present. While this isn’t always the case, sometimes low air circulation can cause discomfort and even decrease your system’s efficiency. Read on to learn the common culprits that can negatively affect your home’s airflow.

Obstructions in Your Vents and Registers

The most common hindrance to proper airflow is a blocked vent or register. If you notice low airflow in your home, try removing obstacles such as furniture or curtains in front of your vents as a first step. Also, ensure that you arrange your house such that all vents have at least a foot of clearance.

Problem With Your Duct Runs

Each duct run carries a certain amount of air to a specific room; as such, any alterations in the ductwork can prevent that from happening. Alterations leading to defective ductwork can result from damage, obstruction or improper installation.

Maintaining the proper static pressure allows air to flow through the ducts and to its destination. When the ducts are too large, the air pressure drops and the air never reaches its intended location. Similarly, when the ducts are too small, the airflow becomes restricted, preventing it from reaching its destination.

Leaky or Dirty Ductwork

According to the Department of Energy, typical ductwork has about 35-50% leakage from small cracks or holes. This is a lot of waste, especially if this air doesn’t reach its destination. Additionally, dirt that escapes your HVAC system’s filter may accumulate in your ducts over time and require duct cleaning.

When your HVAC system encounters any hindrances, it’ll have to work harder to maintain your ideal temperature, leading to decreased energy efficiency and higher utility bills. At Key to Cool, we’re experts in sorting out all HVAC-related issues. If you’re experiencing low airflow, please get in touch with us. We’ll come as soon as possible to perform HVAC maintenance.

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