3 Dangers of an Unlevel AC System in Naples, FL

Your home might be at risk if you have an unlevel air conditioner in Naples, FL. Professionals usually set AC systems on concrete pads to avoid malfunctions and premature breakdowns. Here are danger signs to look for if you have an unlevel AC system:

Unsafe Vibrations

AC systems normally create some vibrations during a cooling cycle. However, these vibrations can become excessive and unsafe if the system isn’t level. Unwanted shaking will put additional stress on all of the AC system’s vital components.

There’s also a chance the constant vibrations will rattle loose pipes and other connections. It may even cause certain tubes to kink or come free.

Inefficiency Concerns

Air conditioners have compressors that require oil to keep them lubricated. The oil won’t be able to distribute evenly if your system tilts more to one side. This can result in loud grinding, increased wear and the potential for overheating.

The oil could also escape and begin pooling around other parts of the AC system. You’re likely to run into more efficiency concerns if the oil impacts the AC system’s heat transfer process.

Lack of Effective Drainage

During a cycle, your air conditioner creates moisture that pools in the drainage pan. If this receptacle isn’t even, the water may spill into the AC system. Consistent moisture issues increase your risk of microbial growth and premature rusting.

If not caught in time, you could have to pay for expensive AC repairs and part replacements. You’ll also notice a decrease in air quality and unpleasant odors from your supply vents.

To ensure your air conditioner is level and healthy, always leave your HVAC service needs to experienced industry professionals. Contact Key to Cool to schedule your exceptional spring AC maintenance in Naples, FL, today. We’ll ensure your AC system is level and running efficiently.

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