5 Habits That Decrease AC Efficiency and Increase Bills in Naples, FL

The air conditioner that keep your Naples, FL home comfortable uses energy. But how much depends on a variety of factors. You don’t have to waste energy to maintain indoor comfort. Sometimes bad habits contribute to your expensive monthly bills. The following are five bad habits that decrease AC efficiency and increase cooling costs and how to stop them:

Failing to Program Your Thermostat

Your thermostat is a tool to help you save energy. Most people know this but still don’t program their thermostats when they get home from work or leave for vacation. Failure to program the thermostat leaves the AC system working even when it’s not needed and inflates your bills. If you still use a manual thermostat, upgrade to a smart model for extreme energy savings.

Neglecting to Schedule AC Maintenance

If you have a bad HVAC habit, this is probably the worst. Your AC system may have failing parts that make it hard for it to cool your home, which increases your bills. Through regular maintenance, your air conditioner gets checked for potential problem that may reduce its efficiency. It also helps increase its lifespan.

Using the Air Conditioner as a Dehumidifier

Using your air conditioner as a dehumidifier may seem like a good idea, but it’s not. Dehumidifying the air means that the AC system has to work harder and uses more energy. You’ll pay more for failure to correctly diagnose your humidity problems.

Not Cleaning or Changing the Filters

Cleaning or changing your AC filters isn’t hard, and it can save you a lot of money. Dirty filters lead to problems, such as microbial growth, which can cause issues for your home. Apart from reducing efficiency, dirty air filters also affect indoor air quality. Although it’s not necessary to change the filters every week, you should change them at least once a month.

Ignoring Air Leaks

Air leaks can be a big problem in your home. Air is constantly moving through cracks. These air leaks are generally small, but they keep your AC system working hard. Air leaks can be a problem in the attic and around windows and doors.

There are many other bad habits that you may be practicing. Before you know it, they’ll lead to higher energy bills. Call Key to Cool for help with all the AC repair and maintenance services you need to ensure you don’t spend more than necessary.

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