How to Reduce the Humidity in Your Florida Home in the Summer

A humid and stuffy home is no place to spend your summer days and nights. High humidity doesn’t only impact your comfort, though. It can also lead to costly property damage. Homeowners in Naples, Florida, deal with some of the most humid conditions in the country. Here are three steps you can take to reduce the humidity in your Florida home:

Use Your Home’s Exhaust Fans

The rooms in your home that contain the most moisture should all have working exhaust fans. That includes your kitchen and bathrooms. When cooking or showering, run the exhaust fans to ventilate the excess moisture in the air. Remember also to let the exhaust fans run for 15 minutes after you’ve stopped for additional ventilation.

Invest in an Energy Recovery Ventilator

Modern homes have tight seals that improve their energy efficiency. But without proper ventilation, a tight seal can also trap particle pollutants and create muggy conditions inside your home. An energy recovery ventilator is a solution to this problem. It exhausts stale indoor air while bringing in fresh and preconditioned air from outside. As a result, it enhances your comfort by decreasing the level of odors, excess moisture and particle pollutants in your air supply.

Install a Dehumidifier

Every homeowner should aim to balance their home’s humidity between 40 and 60 percent. As a result, you’ll maintain a comfortable environment for your family. A dehumidifier can help you remove excess moisture from your home to achieve that balance. You can either choose a standalone dehumidifier or a model that installs in your ductwork.

Don’t let high humidity levels inside your home cause discomfort and damage your property. Contact Key to Cool today (239) 309-2991 to learn more about our indoor air quality services and systems, including the REME HALO induct air purifier. Our experienced HVAC professionals are standing by to help you resolve all your IAQ problems.

Image provided by flickr

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