How UV Lights Improve Indoor Air Quality

People often use UV lights in outdoor settings to kill bacteria and other microorganisms in the air. However, many people don’t realize they can also improve air quality when used indoors. Read on to learn how UV lights can help clean your indoor air and make your Marco Island, FL, home a healthier place to live.

Understanding What UV Light Is

UV light is a type of electromagnetic radiation invisible to the human eye. It comprises three different types of waves: UVA, UVB and UVC. It’s possible to generate UV light by artificial sources, such as lamps and bulbs.

The amount of UV radiation emitted by a light depends on its power, the length of time turned on and the distance between the light and the person or object exposed to it. Most home UV lights typically emit UVC waves, which are effective at killing germs and viruses.

How UV Lights Clean the Air

UV light is effective at destroying bacteria contaminants and other microorganisms. This is because UV light damages the DNA of these organisms, preventing them from reproducing. As a result, UV lights can help to improve indoor air quality and prevent the spread of illness.

However, it’s important to note that UV lights are most effective when used carefully. You should consider the location, the number of UV lights you’ll need and the size of your HVAC system.

In addition, UV lights can be harmful to humans if you don’t use them properly. It’s important to consult with a professional before installing them in your home.

We Can Help Install Your UV Light

If you’re looking for indoor air quality or air conditioning services in Marco Island, FL, contact Key to Cool. Our team is always ready to serve you with the best systems and services in the area.

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