Keep These Things in Mind When Purchasing a New AC System

Are you shopping for a new air conditioner for your home in Estero, Florida? To save money on energy expenses and repair costs for many years to come, you must invest in an air conditioning system that’s the right size for your home. Read on to learn three things you should keep in mind when purchasing a new AC system.

Browse the Different Options

Here are the three most popular cooling options among Florida homeowners:

  • Air conditioners are what most people install in their homes. That’s because they provide exceptional cooling power for homes with a lot of square footage. There are plenty of air conditioning options available.
  • Ductless mini-splits are energy-efficient alternatives to window air conditioners and space heaters. You can use a single unit to cool a small living space or multiple units to create zones within a larger home.
  • Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling capabilities. They work to remove heat from one area and move it to another, which makes them highly efficient. They use less energy than air conditioners or furnaces.

Consider the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

The SEER calculates an air conditioner’s cooling output divided by energy consumption, which informs you of the system’s average efficiency during the cooling season. It’s the quickest way to determine how one AC system compares to another. Today’s state-of-the-art air conditioners can reach a SEER as high as 25. But the higher the SEER, the more expensive the system. To get the most bang for your buck, you must balance upfront price with the right SEER for your home.

Don’t Forget About AC Maintenance

Selecting the perfect air conditioner for your home and correctly installing it are vital steps to assuring its efficiency. But you also need to have your AC system maintained by a professional at least once per year. As a result, you’ll help to keep cooling costs under control, prevent breakdowns and prolong the unit’s lifespan.

Need help purchasing a new AC system for your home? Contact Key to Cool today at (239) 309-2991 for expert help.

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