Need an AC Replacement? 3 Signs That Say Yes

Have you noticed it’s getting harder to keep your home in Naples, FL, cool? If your air conditioner isn’t performing as well as it used to, replacing the system could fix the problem. Here are three signs it’s time to consider an AC replacement:

Very Little Air Blows from the Vents

Limited airflow can signal various problems such as leaky ductwork, clogged ducts or a dirty filter. Yet, once you’ve eliminated all these problems, the next thing to consider is the AC unit’s functionality. A failing compressor can cause restricted airflow, and replacing this part usually costs nearly as much as replacing the entire system. Instead of spending money on a part, consider the benefits of investing in a modern air conditioning system with the latest technology.

Repair Costs Continue to Add Up

Does it seem like you call for AC repairs every summer? Are you and your HVAC service technician becoming best friends because you see each other so much? These are sure signs that your air conditioner isn’t working its best for you. Why spend money on repair after repair and forgo reliable home cooling?

You’re much better off biting the bullet and installing a new air conditioner. You’ll feel more comfortable in your home and spend less on repairs, not to mention that your energy costs will go down.

Your AC is Approaching the End of Its Lifespan

Air conditioners don’t last forever. Eventually, they develop problem after problem until they stop working completely. The last thing you want is for your air conditioner to go out on a scorching hot summer day.

If your air conditioner is approaching the 10-year mark and its performance has dwindled, consider replacing the unit. Well-maintained units can sometimes last as long as 15-20 years, but most units start to show their age much sooner.

You don’t want to spend money on an AC replacement if you don’t have to. So why not speak with a qualified service technician to help you make an informed decision? Call Key to Cool today to have all your air conditioning questions answered by top experts!

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