5 Reasons to Upgrade a Commercial System in Marco Island, FL

Marco Island, FL, is home to many people and businesses. These commercial properties are often still using the HVAC technology they were originally built with, and upgrading to modern commercial HVAC systems offers many benefits. Learn five reasons you should upgrade your business to a new commercial HVAC system.

Cost Considerations

Newer technology could reduce your commercial utility bills by a substantial margin. You’ll save on maintenance costs when you have new parts that require fewer repairs and replacements, and you can benefit from fresh warranty periods covering certain parts and labor. Also, your business should suffer less downtime caused by HVAC breakdowns.

Increased Comfort

Upgrading your HVAC system helps everyone enjoy more consistent comfort throughout your establishment. Employees are more likely to be productive, and customers or guests are likelier to visit and stay longer to do business.

Better Health

People need air conditioning most of the year in a humid place such as Florida, but indoor air pollution can be worse than outdoor air. Current commercial HVAC systems have more capacity than ever to filter contaminants and pollen in your building’s air. Your team can operate healthily and breathe easily, resulting in fewer call-outs and sick time.

Scaled Operations

If your business has grown, you might need a new system to keep up with the increased demand. This might happen because of more people and equipment in the same space, or you might have done renovations or add-ons. Smart technology takes things further because you can control the system remotely.


Government at all levels is trying to regulate the business world and make it so they have have less environmental impact, and a newer HVAC system will have less carbon footprint. This aligns with the personal values of many employees and consumers, and it can be a great selling point for your business.

Installing a commercial HVAC system in your business might be a sizable upgrade, but your establishment can benefit in many ways. Save money and the environment and help everyone enjoy better comfort and health. Contact Key to Cool for top-rated commercial HVAC services.

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