Save Money This Summer by Investing in Spring AC Maintenance

Homeowners in Naples, FL, use their air conditioner for most months of the year. When you consider that cooling accounts for about half of your household’s energy bills, increasing air conditioning efficiency becomes a priority. Spring AC maintenance helps you cut cooling costs while still feeling comfortable inside your home.

Monthly Filter Changes

The filter in your air conditioner is a vital component that should remain relatively clean at all times. If it clogs, it can inhibit proper airflow, which leads to higher repair and cooling costs over the lifespan of your AC system. It’ll also contribute to poor indoor air quality, which impacts your respiratory health. Ideally, you should start the cooling season with a fresh filter and change it every month during the spring and summer. You’ll save money by doing so.

Eco-Friendly Thermostat Habits

Are you still using a manual thermostat to control your home’s temperature? Chances are you’re wasting a lot of energy and money. Upgrading to a programmable or smart thermostat is something you should seriously consider this spring when completing AC maintenance. Programmable and smart thermostats offer many features that enhance your indoor comfort, add convenience to your life and increase your energy savings. Remote accessibility is one such feature.

Professional AC Checks

To ensure your air conditioner operates effectively and efficiently during the hottest months of the year, you must have a professional maintain it. Experienced service technicians know how to clean, inspect and calibrate your AC system. They can repair any developing problems on the spot, helping to reduce the risk of significant and costly breakdowns in the future. Think of AC maintenance as an investment rather than an expense; it rewards you with instant savings.

Contact Key to Cool to schedule your spring AC maintenance appointment today. We also offer duct cleaning and sanitizing services that help your air conditioner operate as efficiently as possible.

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