5 Steps Before You Fire Up Your Furnace in Marco Island, FL

It’s almost winter in Marco Island, FL, which means it’s nearly time to fire up the furnace to stay warm. It’s not wise to turn on your heater without checking it over first. Below are five steps you should take before you do so.

Pre-Ignition Inspection

Call a professional to conduct a thorough inspection when the furnace is still off. A licensed service technician will inspect the ductwork, loose connections, the blower belt and flush the drain line if needed. A professional will know what to look for during the inspection and find any repairs needed.

Clean the Unit

Naturally, your furnace will have gathered dust since you haven’t used it for most of the year. You could let the dust and dirt burn off, but then you’d have to deal with the smell before that happens. It’s simpler and faster to clean the unit before firing it up.

Replace or Clean the Air Filter

If the furnace’s air filter is dirty, it won’t run as efficiently. The particulates caught in the air filter can also escape and lower your home’s indoor air quality, potentially causing health issues.

Check the Room’s Airflow

While your furnace is clean and producing enough air, some rooms may still feel cold. Before turning on your furnace, open the vents in each room and thoroughly clean the ducts as far back as you can. This will ensure nothing is blocking the airflow.

Test Detectors

One of the last steps you should take before firing up your furnace is to test your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Even if they’re working properly, replace the batteries with fresh ones to ensure they continue to operate properly.

If you haven’t used your furnace for a while, don’t assume you can fire it up without checking it first. Contact Key to Cool today for your furnace maintenance needs. We offer professional inspections from our team of licensed service technicians.

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