Strategies to Keep Your Indoor Air Quality Healthy

Do you feel sick inside your home in Naples, FL, and better a few minutes after stepping outside? Chances are you have poor indoor air quality. Living in a house with filthy indoor air harms your health and can lead to respiratory diseases. Use these four strategies to keep your indoor air quality as healthy as possible:

Change Your HVAC System’s Filter

Changing an HVAC system’s filter is an easy task that every homeowner can complete. It helps your HVAC system operate efficiently and protects your indoor air quality. Ideally, you should check the filter every month. If it’s dirty, change it. Consider upgrading to an Aprilaire air filter, which only needs changing once a year on average.

Schedule Duct Cleaning Every Few Years

Duct cleaning is another task that improves HVAC efficiency and protects your indoor air quality. Since it’s difficult to safely access every nook and cranny of your HVAC system’s ductwork, it’s best to hire a professional for the job. An HVAC contractor will use special tools to ensure your ducts look pristine and work efficiently.

Invest in a Whole-Home Air Cleaner

Whole-home air cleaners, like the Trane CleanEffects, can remove particles as small as .1 microns or 1/1,000th the diameter of a human hair. Air cleaners reduce dust build-up and lower the instances of illness among homeowners.

Use a Dehumidifier to Remove Moisture

Dealing with high temperatures and humidity levels is part of living in Naples, FL. Excess moisture inside your house will encourage microbial growth in darker and damper areas. A dehumidifier can remove this moisture to balance your home’s humidity and prevent microbial growth. Aim for a home humidity level between 40% and 60%.

The air quality of your house matters to your comfort and health as much as the temperature. Contact Key to Cool to learn more about all the IAQ solutions we offer to our customers.

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