4 Symptoms of an Inefficient AC System in Marco Island, FL

Air conditioners bring relief from the heat and humidity in Marco Island, FL. However, they also bring with them the expense of running, which becomes unbearable when they’re inefficient. Here are four symptoms to watch for that indicate your AC system suffers from efficiency degradation.

Your AC System Runs Constantly

An AC system operating properly shuts off once your home reaches the desired temperature. It’ll then repeat the cycle, keeping your home within a tight fluctuation.

If your air conditioner runs constantly, it means it’s struggling to achieve your desired temperature. This is most commonly caused by inefficiency due to simple airflow restrictions, wearing parts or low refrigerant levels.

One Thermostat Controls Everything

In older systems, a single thermostat controls the temperature in your entire home. However, this leads to either your system running more than it should or some rooms of your home feeling uncomfortable. More efficient air conditioning systems set your home into zones that are independently controlled based on the needs of the area.

High Energy Consumption

Energy costs tend to rise and fall based on unit cost and the temperature outside. However, you should not continue to see the energy consumption climbing higher than normal. If you do, this is a sign of a significant efficiency problem.

Low Airflow From Your Vents

Another sign of a problem with your efficiency is low airflow coming from your vents. Without the right volume of air circulating, your AC system cannot lower the temperature during a normal cycle length.

Clogged air filters, a dirty evaporator coil or low refrigerant commonly cause this kind of problem. Failing to handle these minor problems quickly through routine maintenance will lead to bigger AC repairs down the road.

Routine maintenance provides the best efficiency protection for your air conditioning system throughout its entire service life. Call to schedule your HVAC maintenance with one of the expert service technicians at Key to Cool today.

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