3 Things You Need to Know About Winter Allergies in Florida

Allergies happen when your body mistakes harmless particles like pollen for something dangerous and treats it as an invader. This can cause itchy eyes, sneezing, congestion and other symptoms. Here are some things you need to know about if you suffer from allergies in Bonita Springs, Florida:

Allergies Can Occur All Year Long

Many people suffer from allergies in the spring when trees and flowers that have been dormant for the winter begin to produce pollen. Another common time is summer when grasses go to seed and another bloom of pollen enters the air. But due to Florida’s mild weather, there can be flowering plants at any time, especially in a mild year.

Ways to Reduce Symptoms

If you suffer from hay fever, it can be smart to wear a mask when you spend extended periods outside during symptomatic times. Keep symptoms down inside by changing your HVAC filters regularly so there are fewer allergens circulating in your home’s air. Humidifiers can help during wintry weather when dryer air can worsen symptoms like congestion. If you feel these steps aren’t enough, consider an indoor air purification system.

Common Allergens

Dust mites are tiny insect-like creatures that live in the dust in houses. They’re some of the most common sources of allergies. If you notice itchy eyes and sneezing after you clean a dusty area, then dust mites just might be the culprits. Another common allergen is dead cockroaches and their feces, which can trigger symptoms in susceptible people. Ragweed is one of the commonest causes of pollen allergens. It usually flowers in late summer, but Florida’s mild winters can extend its season.

If you suffer from allergies, call Key to Cool at (239) 309-2991 today. One of our qualified HVAC professionals can assist you with significantly minimizing the allergens in your home.

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