4 Tips for Choosing Heat Pump Repair or Replacement

During the maintenance of your heat pump, you may need to decide whether to repair or replace it. This decision can be overwhelming, as each option’s cost depend on your unique circumstances. Here are tips to help you make the best decision in Estero, FL.

Consider the Age of Your Unit

When experiencing issues with your heat pump, repairing rather than replacing it may be a better choice. However, consider purchasing a new one when your system is over 10 years old. This rationale is especially true if repairs would cost more than half the cost of a replacement system.

Ask if Parts are Available

Heat pumps still under warranty can usually undergo repair at no additional cost. However, if the part necessary for the repair is no longer available for purchase, then replacing your unit may be the better choice. Finding compatible parts is an important factor to consider when deciding between heat pump repair and replacement.

Look at Your Energy Bill

Your energy bill can tell you a lot about the efficiency of your heat pump. If you’ve seen an increase in energy costs but no other factors have changed, a replacement may benefit you. It may be time to replace your heat pump when you’ve recently replaced parts or had repairs done and still see an increase in cost.

Contact a Heat Pump Repair Expert

Before you decide whether to repair or replace your heat pump, you must talk to an experienced professional. A professional can inspect your system and provide you with recommendations on the best option for you. They can also advise on the best heat pump for your particular needs and budget.

Key to Cool is a leading heat pump repair and replacement expert. Our team of professional service technicians has years of experience working with all types of heat pumps. We can provide a detailed inspection to assess your system and recommend the best solution. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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