Where Is My Home Losing Cool Air in Marco Island, FL?

Now that spring is here, it’ll become increasingly important to think about maximizing your air conditioner’s efficiency. An important part of doing that is minimizing the loss of cool air. The often high spring and summertime temperatures in Marco Island, FL, only raise the urgency of these considerations. If your home has been losing cool air, here are a few likely reasons:


Inspect your doors carefully because they may have warping or other imperfections. Such things will leave tiny openings through which cool air can escape from your home.


Your windows may be responsible for the loss of cool air from your home in a variety of ways. First, you may accidentally leave your windows open from time to time. Even if the opening you’ve left is a very small one, this can trigger cooling loss.

Second, your windows might simply be inefficient in themselves. For example, they might have cracks or not quite fit your window frames properly. They might also be so thin as to allow heat to radiate in from outside.

Poor Insulation

Last, but perhaps most importantly, your home might have poor insulation. This issue isn’t as obvious or easy to detect as an open window or an ill-fitting door, but that’s precisely why it’s so crucial to remember it.

There’s insulation in your home’s walls and in your HVAC ductwork, and it’s just as useful for keeping cool air in your home during spring and summer as it is for doing the opposite during fall and winter. If you notice your AC system’s efficiency dipping, don’t assume the problem must necessarily be with the air conditioner itself. Rather than spending money on AC repairs, increasing your insulation might be the answer.

Any of the foregoing sources of cool air loss can cost you a lot of money. Call Key to Cool to schedule our AC services today if you’re losing cool air so that we can find and fix the problem.

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