Why Does Your Heat Pump in Estero, FL, Trip the Breaker?

When your circuit breaker trips, it means that an appliance in your Estero, FL, house is drawing more electric current than normal. The breaker trips to prevent a fire accident. If you trip a breaker when your heat pump kicks on, it’s probably due to one of these three reasons:

Clogged Air Filter

Your heat pump maintains clean indoor air with the help of an air filter. The filter traps pollutants in your indoor air, preventing these contaminants from circulating in your house. If the filter remains unchanged for a long time, the contaminants clog it and prevent air from entering your system for heating or cooling.

Consequently, your heat pump must work harder to draw air through the blocked filter. An overworking system draws more current and trips the circuit breaker.

Refrigerant Leaks

Your heat pump has a special fluid called refrigerant that enables the system to move heat from one section to another. If there are holes along the refrigerant lines, the fluid may leak, reducing the amount available to move enough heat. As a result, your system works for an extended period, thus drawing more current.

Never attempt to repair refrigerant leaks by yourself, as the fluid can harm humans, pets and the environment. Not only is it unsafe, but it’s also illegal for unlicensed individuals to work with refrigerant.

Dirty Outdoor Unit

During the colder months, the outdoor unit absorbs heat from the surroundings. Leaves, dirt and debris may clog this part, making it difficult for the component to absorb enough heat.

This causes your heat pump to overwork. Schedule frequent maintenance services to ensure all your heat pump components are always clean.

Continuing to reset the circuit breaker every time it trips won’t solve the underlying problem. If you suspect your heat pump is responsible for tripping your circuit breaker, contact us at Key to Cool for exceptional heating services.

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