Make Use of a Smart Thermostat This Summer in Naples, FL

Are you concerned with lowering your utility bills during the hot summer months in Naples, FL? Learn why installing a smart thermostat provides features that lead directly to a decrease in summer energy bills.

Schedule Running Times With Movement Sensors

Use the movement sensor feature that comes with a smart thermostat to monitor how your family moves throughout the house. The thermostat will start and stop your AC unit’s running times automatically. You’ll use less energy whenever your family doesn’t need the air cooled down.

This ensures that your home’s temperature is slightly higher when you’re away and at the perfect temperature when you’re home. Most importantly, it allows you to gain full control over how much you spend on energy.

Use Energy Report Data

Smart thermostats use energy reports to show how much energy your air conditioner consumes. Rely on this data to track how your energy use fluctuates over time so you can make better decisions about when to adjust the thermostat. This practice cuts down on the tendency to overuse the AC unit during the summer and avoids costly air conditioning repair situations.

Use Your Mobile Device to Control Your HVAC System

Download the mobile app connected to your smart thermostat and control everything from your smartphone. Check the temperature whether you’re home or away, and avoid energy-usage spikes that add to your monthly power bill.

Connect the Thermostat to Other Devices

You can connect your thermostat to other smart devices around the home. For example, connect a smart air purifier to the thermostat and gain more control over your power bill. It’s even possible to use voice commands after connecting the right devices to the system.

We’re ready to help you with a new smart thermostat installation. Contact Key to Cool so we can schedule your service appointment or give you more useful information.

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