4 Reasons a Smart Thermostat is a Good Investment

Installing a smart thermostat in your Naples, Florida, home is a good investment. That’s because it’ll save you money over time. Smart thermostats are adjustable from anywhere, reduce energy consumption, relay important maintenance reminders, and pay for themselves within a few years. Read on to learn more why a smart thermostat is a good investment for your home.

Adjustable From Anywhere

Adjust your smart thermostat from anywhere using its corresponding app on your smartphone or tablet. It’s easy to check on your HVAC system and adjust the temperature when you’re at work or on vacation. You can also utilize the app to check your home’s humidity levels and monitor your HVAC’s energy use.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Smart thermostats reduce your energy consumption by running your HVAC system only when necessary. When programming your smart thermostat, you’ll enter the desired temperatures based on your family’s schedule. The thermostat will use this information to run your HVAC system when you’re home and as little as possible when you’re away. As a result, it’ll help to decrease your energy consumption, save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Maintenance Reminders

Smart thermostats send important maintenance reminders to alert you when it’s time to change your air filter and schedule preventive maintenance. Keeping maintenance requirements current for your HVAC system allow it to operate more efficiently. As a result, you’ll decrease the likelihood of expensive breakdowns, keep utility costs down and extend the life of the unit.

Pay for Themselves

On average, smart thermostats reduce energy enough to pay for themselves in about two to four years. Several factors, such as your area’s climate and home’s square footage, affect how much money you’ll save and how quickly you’ll recoup your initial costs. After you’ve recovered your initial expenses, the savings will continue to accumulate due to the sustaining reduction in energy consumption.

Need help choosing a smart thermostat? Contact Key to Cool at (239) 309-2991. We can help you choose a smart thermostat that’s compatible with your HVAC system.

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