3 Signs You Need Commercial HVAC Maintenance

You come into your office in Naples, Florida, to find a loud, continuous bang echoing through the building. After some hunting, you find the culprit: your HVAC system. The last thing you need is to pay for a new unit. Fortunately, you may not need to do that. Commercial HVAC maintenance can cut your operational costs and ensure comfort in the workplace by keeping your HVAC system running efficiently. Here are three signs that you need commercial HVAC maintenance:

Higher Operating Costs

If you’re noticing that more of your budget has been going to operating costs, your commercial HVAC system may be to blame. If your utility costs have suddenly spiked, it likely means that wear and strain have caused mechanical issues that force your system to draw more energy as it tries to maintain your preferred level of comfort. Commercial HVAC maintenance will cut those operating costs by mitigating these problems.

Decreased Comfort

If you’re getting constant complaints about the temperature despite the thermostat setting remaining the same, your HVAC system may be struggling to maintain comfort. Your HVAC system doesn’t just maintain the temperature. It also controls ventilation and humidity, which in turn affect temperature and comfort. If you or your employers are feeling less comfortable, HVAC maintenance can help rectify the issue.

Strange Sounds and Smells

Nothing points to HVAC problems like odd sounds and smells. Your HVAC unit will make some sound as it’s running, but you should pay careful attention to anything unusual. Bangs and screeching sounds are never normal. Odd sounds may also be accompanied by abnormal smells.

If you smell something musty or like rotten eggs when your HVAC system turns on, call one of our service technicians. Those sounds and smells are likely indicators of other HVAC problems that need commercial maintenance or repairs.

HVAC maintenance can keep your office running smoothly. To schedule commercial HVAC maintenance, call our team at Key to Cool at (239) 309-2991.

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